New foundation in Darwin, Australia

New foundation in Darwin, Australia
November 1, 2019

On the eve of the feast of All Saints and even in the middle of the extraordinary missionary month, we set out from Rome, M. Ma Ángeles Melero and M. Monika Horch, and from Barcelona, M. Núria Miró, to meet in Doha and follow the route to Darwin. There we are awaited by the couple Simon Duffy and Laura Avery who, with their usual generosity and affection, accompany us to our house, where we begin to settle and prepare the spaces. It is no coincidence that we live in Bud Court, which can be translated as "Outbreak Passage". And something new is sprouting… In the afternoon, we participated in the mass at St. Mary's Star of the Sea Cathedral, we received the blessing of Bishop Charles Gauci and we were invited to his home for a family dinner.

Arrival of the Indonesian Sisters
Tuesday, November 5, 2019

With a fertile rain and at dawn, Sister Sari Lagho and novices Berti Yunita and In Pi land enthusiastically at Darwin airport. We celebrate the event with a good breakfast and a lot of joy. The same day English classes begin at CDU University. Sister Sari is preparing to start the Bachelor in Secondary Education career next February. Berti and In advance responsibly in the command of the language. In the afternoon the community gathers and shares what has been lived in the key of faith and gratitude. You breathe true availability and good work to take on all the chores around the house. We are gradually configuring the schedule depending on the Eucharistic celebrations and the work itself. The weekend we take advantage of the extraordinary natural environment that surrounds us. M. Monika facilitates the complicated initial procedures and M. Ma Ángeles puts her creativity into action to beautify our home. We are happy with the news and the warm messages from the communities of the Congregation and of M. Montserrat. We listen with emotion to the words that Saint Paul is addressing to us: “Rejoice, rejoice, missionaries in name and in fact, that nothing and no one will take a single bit of joy from you because you are living one of the best moments of the Congregation and of the Church! ”
On Monday, November 11, we have a meeting at the Catholic Education Office (CEO) to concretize the work of the religious. Greg O'Mullane (Director of Catholic Education), Bernadette Morriss (Principal Consultant) and Laura Avery (Leader of Catholic Identity) are open and flexible. On Tuesday we met with the director of St. John's College, Cameron Hughes, where Sr. Sari will teach Indonesian and religion classes. We participate in Masses at our Holy Family Parish; there Berti and In will collaborate with the catechesis. Father Petrus from Indonesia introduces us to the parish community. We especially appreciate the company, help and good work of M. Ma Ángeles and M. Monika in our beginnings, their skills and knowledge put to the service, their tireless generosity, their joy. M. Nani will join the community in November.

Eucharist and blessing of the house
On Friday afternoon, November 8, we inaugurated the community chapel with precious aboriginal images of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, and of the Holy Spirit, painted by M. Ma Ángeles. Bishop Charles Gauci celebrates the Eucharist of the Holy Family and the heart sings in their own languages of origin and in English before the Presence of the Tabernacle. We are joined by people linked to the diocese and Catholic Schools. With Abraham we have heard the call to leave our land and with Jesus the desire to be in the Father's house and grow in Nazareth in age, wisdom and grace. The chapel is enriched with a Godly Play space dedicated to the biblical community experience.


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