Professions 2019-2020

We started a six-year period full of blessings. Our sisters Ersin, Sari, Ornella, Raquel, Karina, and Inés have celebrated their first Temporary Profession, and Mariela and Jacqueline their Perpetual Profession. The pronounced, determined and generous “FIAT” always lead us to the encounter with the Lord who is the source.

Consecration is a sign for our world and for the Church, because in this world, which distances God from the heart and horizon of people's lives, they remind us of the place that God should occupy, which is none other than the center, the heart. We thank God for his consecration because it is a sign for all of us; a sign that reminds us that we should not love less what should be loved more.

«There is nothing more beautiful than to have been reached, surprised by the Gospel, by Christ; nothing more beautiful than knowing him and communicating friendship with him to others» 

(Benedict XVI)


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