Meeting of religious in Colombia "At sunset". July 2022

Music of the heart in celebration, because it never tires of saying thank you, because it celebrates with amazement and gratitude the prodigies that you, Lord, do with us.

Thank you, Lord, for your mercy, for which one day you set us on our way, you called us by name and sent us to announce the Gospel of Nazareth. Thank you because at our dawn, with the colors of the dawn, you found us awake, ready to walk with you and you made our hearts burn with your word of life.

Thank you, because in the middle of our journey, with the midday sun, you gave us living water to continue the journey and you made us pilgrims in the midst of a world thirsty for you.

Thank you for stepping out and walking by our side and for renewing our dedication and desire to serve you.

Thank you, because now in the evening of our lives we find you again to tell us that everything is grace and the only thing necessary is to remain in you, praise you in the sunset of life and let the miracles that you want to perform through of our smallness

Thank you, Lord, for everything lived in this meeting.

Thanks to our beloved Congregation that has made it propitious.

Thank you for so many thanks in welcoming our communities and so many good people we have met along the way.

Thank you, for You is my music, Lord. Thank you Lord, thank you.

This good news has reached Jerusalem and we are happy to see how the missionaries of Nazareth prepare, working, reflecting together, sharing and co-creating to multiply the effectiveness of pedagogy, to personalize learning and with it, evangelization. The news that arrives from all the places where they are rooted does not stop manifesting the joy of counting on them in the evangelizing work of the Universal Church.

The mission has no age because it is not a task, it is essential, one is an apostle, a missionary and this imprints character. For this reason, those who sealed their Alliance with God in Nazareth at the dawn of their lives, at sunset carry with them the fullness of all the vivid colors that makes them even more missionary. The whole Church in prayer thanks and admires this very fruitful Sunset to which God looks pleased. 

Meanwhile, the Spirit continues to accompany the Church, suggesting new paths, opening horizons, showing dreams. The Word of God, the Word made flesh in Nazareth, the Kingdom announced so many times by Jesus along the roads of Galilee and Judea will reach the last corner of the earth, because the work is of God.


July 23 to August 4, 2022, Sunrise in Colombia


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