Entrance to the Novitiate, professions and renewals in Indonesia

On the morning of August 15 at Lauds they begin the Epifaina Sania (Nifa) Novitiate, Yosefina Santriana Mei (Mei) and Felicitas Ninas (Felly). 

On the 21st they travel to La Laguna where they will be part of the International Novitiate.

On August 15, 2022, the First Religious Profession of Adriana Susani Bayu (YASIN), Laura Lurdes Emerenciana Fatima and Yohana Asiana Kemba (ASRID) was celebrated.

On August 15, the juniors Berti, In, Laura, Anabela, Yoyan and Aldis renew their vows.


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