Meeting of religious "At sunset"

The celebration of the Liturgical Year is the experience of the life of Christ, all its stages from his birth to his death. The liturgy is the way to celebrate our faith. We not only have faith and live in accordance with it, but we celebrate it with acts of worship in which we manifest, communally and publicly, our adoration of Jesus Christ, present with us in the Church. By living the liturgy, we are enriched by the gifts that come from God's redemptive action. 

In this Encounter, the Sisters of the Sunset have been invited to make a life-transforming commitment through meditation on the liturgical year that has elapsed, savoring each of the times. 

we become aware about what: 

  • ANDIt is a means of sanctification when we live the liturgy with full, conscious and active participation. 
  • It is a path of faith that takes us in and invites us to delve into the mystery of salvation. 
  • It is a path of faith to travel and live the divine love that leads us to the fulfillment of the Lord's Promise in each one of us. 

At the gates of the new liturgical year, like the sisters who have shared this experience, we invite you to stop and enter this path of grateful memory, remembering the passage of the Lord in our lives.

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