Trip to the mission of Santa Teresa

TRIP TO THE MISSION OF SANTA TERESA. October 24, 25 and 26, 2021 Darwin Community From October 24 to 26, our community from Darwin traveled to Alice Springs, the third largest city in the Northern Territory of Australia, to go from there to the Community of Santa Teresa. Santa Teresa was founded as an aboriginal Catholic Mission in 1953 by the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart. The school is run by the Office of Catholic Education, Diocese of Darwin and is currently attended by The Marist Brothers. The College (Infant, primary and secondary) welcomes around 200 aboriginal students and a faculty of 45 teachers, 28 of whom are also local. On Sunday, October 24, we arrived at Alice Springs where we had the opportunity to celebrate the Eucharist and then start our journey to the Mission. The 83 kilometer route by car turned out to be very different from other green landscapes in Australia because this area is a complete desert where we only occasionally find flocks of birds or horses crossing from one side of the road to the other. It must be said that on such a bumpy dirt road Nuria had good control of the “All Terrain”. On Monday we were at school all day. Nuria and Sari gave a Godly Play workshop to a group of aboriginal teachers and I was helping in a Primary class. On Tuesday, while Nuria continued with the Godly Play Sari, I and I were at the ¨Centro de Espiritualidad¨ where every week, a group of aboriginal women make incredible works of art. We will never forget the splendid welcome dinner in the middle of the forest prepared by the community of Santa Teresa and the traditional portion of ¨Cola de Kangaroo¨. We also enjoyed good conversations and a good football match could not be missing. Nor will we forget the celebration of the Eucharist and most importantly, sharing with all those who are already part of our history in Australia. Thank God and our community for this opportunity!


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