Laudato Platform Yes

On November 14 in Rome, the Vatican's Department for the Service of Integral Human Development launched the long-awaited registration phase for the Laudato Si' Platform for Action (
Registration for PALS has begun on the World Day of Prayer for the Poor, a deeply significant symbol of the Platform's commitment to serving those who are most vulnerable in the face of the consequences of our socio-ecological crisis. It is also a powerful evangelical message, especially after the recently concluded COP26, that the transformation of the world and our societies will start from below and will be led by ordinary people.
In this new phase of the Laudato Si' Platform for Action, a set of practical resources is launched for the first time to help Catholic institutions, communities and families on their path towards integral ecology. It's time to act and act together!
Once enrolled, participants can commit to creating their own Laudato Si' Plans. Those who commit will have access to tools to help them understand and assess where they are on the path to integral ecology; tools to reflect on your values and the Laudato Si' Objectives; as well as tools to develop effective plans to achieve the Laudato Si' Objectives.
The Laudato Si' Platform for Action will help communities and individuals in each of the seven sectors around the world to start planning and take action towards achieving the seven Laudato Si' Goals.
Pope Francis invites you to be part of it:


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