Discerned Strategic Planning. Second meeting of the whole congregation.


July 3, 2022

With the richness of having remembered, prayed, savored what we experienced and contemplated last May in the 1st session (the analysis of reality, a journey with the eyes of the heart that allowed us to know where we were starting from, recognizing what we were God invited each one), we meet again as a family to continue advancing together on our synodal path towards discerned strategic planning.

Invited to look at our world, and with the ambition of getting a little closer to that Trinitarian gaze that materialized in a “let us make redemption”, we savored the joy of sharing missionary gazes, gazes converging on the reality that surrounds us. With different names we recognized the desolations, seeing closely with the eyes of the spirit the shadows of the human landscape of our century, - Jesus also wept over Jerusalem - and we caressed the lights that come to us as consolations, of the good that always ends up triumphing, because the presence of God in the world, in his work, in his sons and daughters is real and does not make noise.

We recognized in the world and in the Congregation selfishness, wars, absence of God, indifference before God and people, but we also recognized a lot of dedication, good will, availability, generosity, a Congregation that extends its charism. Wheat and tares united but a great hope fruit of faith.

Life always occurs in concentric circles, they begin in the interiority of the self and spread out to the community, to the Congregation, to towns and cities, to the world. Because all change is brewing inside each one, with the encouragement of the Spirit who was the protagonist of our day, and with the example set by the Gospel, we recognized the nearby shadows and stood in the line of sinners. Only forgiveness cleanses the look well, only forgiveness renews inside. A community moment that intensified the presence of the Spirit and made us savor the immense joy of reconciliation.

Reliving it has been light in our continuing to walk and has fueled the desire to move towards the purpose, God's dream. How deeply described in one word: pacified, happy, confident, grateful, serene, the feelings that summarize our gaze and how hopeful the verbs that specify what we feel called to do: to deepen, listen, walk, trust, love and serve!

Rekindling our gratitude, our trust and our generosity, hand in hand with Jesus, Mary and Joseph who brought God's dream to its fullness, we listen to tune in, in the light of our charism, with the Will of the Father, today and here.

We feel, although unworthy for our "clay vessels", bearers of the Kingdom, seekers of the divine dream, aware that the work, the project, the dream is from God.

It is almost 150 years since Saint Joseph Manyanet and M. Encarnación Colomina knew how to understand and bring to life our charism, God's dream, today Missionaries and heiresses Daughters of the Holy Family of Nazareth we prepare to tune in with the Dream that the Faithful God offers us, contemplating the mystery of Nazareth, beating very close to the heart of the Risen Christ.

As a family, in a Congregation, together, in the style of God and with Father Elias, with a calm and clear gaze on the real situation and with a heart on fire under the action of the Spirit who does not leave us alone in our mission. We keep moving forward together.

M. Montserrat del Pozo


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