First profession and renewals in Cameroon

On August 20, 2022 we joyfully celebrate the Profession of Sandra Nguego in Loum. The Lord did wonders for me, holy is his name. My joy is immense because today I understood that a long time ago, that you love me, Lord. So my joy is great and you see it in me. I am happy, in grace […]

Entrance to the Novitiate, professions and renewals in Indonesia

On the morning of August 15 in Laudes, Epifaina Sania (Nifa), Yosefina Santriana Mei (Mei) and Felisitas Ninas (Felly) begin the Novitiate. On the 21st they travel to La Laguna where they will be part of the International Novitiate. On August 15, 2022, the First Religious Profession of Adriana Susani Bayu (YASIN), Laura Lurdes Emerenciana Fatima and […]