Meeting of Formators

We focus our meeting experimenting good accompaniment practices, remembering the purposes of the initial stages of formation and generating new visions. With Tim Norton and Milena Santerini we delve into the subject of interculturality and we become aware of how culture has a significant percentage of influence on us, an external culture that is evident and a deeper one that is not so much. The way in which people in groups relate to, shape, and shape their environments. The perfect culture does not exist. We are all made in the image of God, but sin is present in all cultures. Conversion is necessary due to the weakness and limitations of each culture; a critical look will help us to detect them. We believe it is important to think broadly about difference (ethnicity, nationality, gender, generation, personality) and to help communities recognize and understand their diversity and differences and address their cultural issues in productive, Gospel-centered ways. Thanks to esteem and good communication in our relationships, cultural differences can be used to complement the aptitudes and attitudes between the sisters and can be a great asset.

We wonder how to work international dialogue, internal relations and the skills for it? Why do we need to be more interculturally competent? How to reconcile our cultural and religious identity? How is the Gospel incarnated in cultures?

We challenge ourselves with the main basic skills that we should develop to face these challenges: understanding cultural differences, managing prejudices and finding horizons, shared choices.


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