Discerned Strategic Planning with the entire Congregation

May 29, 2022

For the Missionary Daughters of the Holy Family of Nazareth, today is an important day for the Congregation, a special family day that meets and feels in communion, because we can all meet on this Synodal Path, with the illusion of wanting to intuit and discern what the SPIRIT wants to tell us to establish what will be the priorities that will guide our next triennium.
We are especially grateful for the presence of Father Elías López, a Jesuit who has been accompanying us in different meetings.
Three attitudes help us to live this process more deeply:

Everything is Grace. Today we live an opportunity that God grants us, gives us, to get out of our own vision, our own "conucos", to broaden our gaze to the Light of his, open our hearts and listen to what the Lord wants to tell us. at this specific moment in our congregational life.
Thank you for the opportunity to LISTEN with the sisters, with the guarantee that whenever there are two or more gathered in his name, Jesus is in the middle.

in what the Lord wants to tell us and what he is going to tell us during these three Encounters. We do not know what he is going to tell us, - neither did Maria and José know in that first Nazareth of History - but, there is something that we do know, something that makes us fully trust, we know that what he is going to tell us is the result of her love for the Congregation and for each one of us. This we do know. Someone who loves us infinitely wants to speak to us in this process, and for this reason our attitude is one of total trust. God is faithful. "God always gives much more than we can expect."

God's plan is always much greater than what we can imagine when giving our "yes". Everything that the Lord asks of us is for our good, for the good of the Congregation, for the good of the world. May the Spirit grant us this attitude of full availability, which is expressed in so many "here I am", such as that of Mary of Nazareth, that of Joseph, that of Saint Joseph Manyanet, an attitude of availability to walk hastily along the paths of the Will. of God, to assume what he wants to tell us with the immense joy that he counts on each one of us to carry out his mission in the world.
Everything is a sign. That we meet today, the Feast of the Ascension, is one more reason to live it with confidence, we have the promise that we will receive strength to be its witnesses... to the ends of the world. With our eyes on the sky and our feet on the ground, we awaken our gratitude, trust and generosity, these three attitudes lead us to start with encouragement.

We carry the blessing of Jesus.

We begin this path with the CONTEMPLATIVE ANALYSIS of the world and of the congregation.


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