Nazaret Global Education

We offer a Training in Action Program for teachers for the systemic transformation of the schools with a new educational model needed in the 21st Century.

Already started in Brazil, Cameroun, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay and Venezuela

The traditional educational model does not adequately prepare students for the world in which they live in the 21st century, due to lack of trained and motivated teachers, which results in the demotivation of students.

A new educational model based on the theory of Multiple Intelligences with a new curriculum adapted to the 21st century, an active methodology and an evaluation for learning, new roles of the student (who becomes the leader of his own learning itinerary and manager of their emotions) and the teacher (coach and entrepreneur), a student-centered organization and a new distribution of the space in which everything is learning

A Training Program in action for the teachers of 72 schools for 3 years. The teachers who participate and bring the training to the classroom are certified as "experts" and 5% of these teachers are certified as "teachers" at the end of the three years to be able to train other teachers.

Impact in 3 years:
6 countries, 72 transformed schools, 3,600 teachers that reach 70,000 students