Meetings of the General Council with the Delegational Councils. September 2022

On the days, from September 26 to 28, 2022, in a meeting of the General Council with the Delegation Councils, and also with the formators, sitting together, around Jesus, to share what we have, we have experienced the superabundance of Grace given from the shared life in the communities throughout this first three-year period. We have witnessed, as Pope Francis says, the way of acting that God loves: “doing great things starting from small and free things”.

Also aware that "the true miracle is sharing, which increases love and allows God to do wonders", we feel called from now on to continue contributing our loaves and fishes in a generous key of service.

We share some echoes and joint decisions and the prayer "Word for the path" around the biblical scene of the multiplication of the loaves and fish co-created from joint reflection. 


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