The Pope launches the Laudato si 'platform. Seven years to achieve a sustainable lifestyle.

At the close of the year Laudato si ', celebrated on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the encyclical, Pope Francis launches the Laudato Si 'Platform (PALS). In the presentation video it states: "we need a new ecological approach that transforms the way we inhabit the world, our lifestyles, our relationship with the Earth's resources and, in general, our way of seeing man and living life”. In fact, it underlines that we need a comprehensive human ecology "that involves not only environmental issues but man as a whole"

At the conference dedicated to the conclusion of the Special Year Laudato Si ', Cardinal Peter A. Turkson, Prefect of the Dicastery for the Service of Integral Human Development, presented the platform for the next seven years with activities to continue and concretize the message of the Encyclical in the local Churches.

The seven objectives of PALS were presented:

  • the Answer to the Cry of the Earth, 
  • the Answer to the Cry of the Poor, 
  • the Ecological Economy, 
  • the Adoption of Simple Lifestyles,
  • Ecological Education, 
  • Ecological Spirituality and 
  • Involvement and Participatory Action of the Community.

The first year will be devoted to the three fundamental tasks of community building, sharing of resources, and drafting concrete action plans for the realization of the seven objectives of Laudato si '. This will be followed by five years of concrete action. The last year will be the sabbatical year to praise and thank God.

A nine-language website for PALS has also been published and can be accessed through the new Vatican website.

This Platform for Action shows that the Church is advancing in building the future better than Laudato si ' calls us to build. People around the world are looking for hope, and the Platform offers real hope, it is an opportunity to accelerate commitment and action in favor of our common home.


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