Online meetings of Nazareth communities of the world

M. Montserrat invites the communities to prepare for the Easter Triduum through a personal prayer, later shared online between communities in different countries. Thus, on Monday, Tuesday and Holy Wednesday, online meetings of communities have taken place in which the religious, in communion, accompany the path of Jesus towards the Passion. […]

"I am making all things new"

“… Jesus turned and, seeing that they were following him, asked them: What are you looking for? They replied: Rabbi (which means Teacher), where do you live? He said to them: Come and you will see it. Then they went; they saw where he lived, and they stayed with him that day; It would be four in the afternoon. Andrés, brother of Simón Pedro, was one of […]

Canonical Visitation in Indonesia

From March 30 to April 2, 2020, M. Montserrat made the online Canonical Visit from Darwin (Australia) to the community of Ende (Isla de Flores) because the borders of the countries are closed by the pandemic of the coronavirus. I had already visited the community from 9 to 13 […]