Projects in Cameroon

We want to bring to the third world, especially Cameroon, the same quality of education and teaching that is offered in schools in Europe and America, within the Nazaret Global Education program.

Yaounde and Loum-Ville (Cameroon)


Construction of a bilingual school in Nkozoa
Schooling and comprehensive training of boys and girls from 5 to 11 years old, favoring a competent education adapted to the s. XXI.

Nkozoa in network
This project aims to provide the children of Nkozoa with digital literacy that allows them to integrate into the new world that is being born.

Books for Nkozoa
This project aims to arouse the taste for knowing, reading and researching from school material that is not within their reach.

Bread and Milk Project
The aim of this project is to collaborate with the nutrition of the children of Loum-Ville and Yaoundé by providing them daily with a glass of milk and a muffin.

"Bon Appétit" project
This project contributes to the nutrition of the children of Loum-Ville by offering a daily meal to the primary school students.

School scholarships
Granting of scholarships to some of the students with fewer resources of the Saint Jean Marie Vianney de Loum-Ville School.