Canonical visitation in Gleno

February 4, 2020

"I put my bow in the clouds, which will serve as a sign of the Alliance between me and the earth"

Gn 9.13

Covenant of the faithful God who does not regret his commitment and wants none of his children to be lost.

M. Montserrat, accompanied by M. Monika, made the canonical visit in Gleno (Timor Leste) on February 4-7, 2020.

The Canonical Visits are a great opportunity to answer the call that leads us to care for people first and foremost, because everything depends on them, and with them, to care for the works and our common home, the earth.

Companions and companions, growing as a community, with the challenge of a new mission and in an inter-congregational framework, we confirm that religious life is a gift, a gift that we have not deserved. Grateful for the faithful and joyful dedication of the sisters who give their best on a daily basis.


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