Spirituality and charism

Saint Joseph ManyanetMoved by the Spirit, he devoted himself entirely to following and announcing Christ in the Mystery of Nazareth. This charism in which we all participate permeates our consecration to God and our apostolic mission.

The religious of Nazareth want to be contemplatives in action. We are called to live according to the spirit of the Holy Family, the most perfect image of the Divine Trinity, in an attitude of faith, filial piety and submission to the will of the Father.

Our family life is based on love, humility, simplicity, work and joy.


Our mission is to form families according to the model of the Holy Family of Nazareth, especially through the integral education of children and youth anywhere in the world. 

Our ministry also includes the direction and collaboration in residences and houses of spirituality, active cooperation in the pastoral ministry of the Church according to our own purpose and other ministries required by places of mission.