Meetings of Superiors and Leading Teams

In Brazil-Paraguay, Colombia-Ecuador, Venezuela and ECAITI

Calls to "be with Him"

Mk 3.13

M. Montserrat del Pozo, accompanied by some of her councilors, has summoned the sisters of the different realities to deepen on the care and accompaniment between sisters.

We know that the community is a privileged space of formation that helps each of its members to grow in maturity, to forge their own self, to model our character, to share and grow in spirituality.

We want to challenge ourselves to build communities for a Nazareth without borders, communities "of" and "for" religious with the experience of being accompanied by the Lord, who is the one who summons us.

M. Montserrat del Pozo and M. Núria Miró promote the project of the General Curia: A synodal network of schools of the congregation in order to co-create together a new space to share the mission, assume responsibilities and common commitments and discern how the Spirit is mobilized in us.


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