Intercongregational mission in Timor-Leste

During February 6 and 7, the two Congregations met, with Sr. Irene, Superior General of the Slaves of the Eucharist, M. Montserrat del Pozo, Superior General of the Missionary Daughters of the Holy Family of Nazareth present. In these meetings a shared prayer was held and we shared how we live the mission from our Congregations, discovering many common charismatic aspects between the two congregations. We explain the origin of the shared mission and the process that has been carried out since 2014. The plans for the work were presented and work was done on the mission and vision of Naroman Esperansa.
The second day began with a spiritual conversation on “Inter-congregationality” in which a great desire to live the witness of communion and collaboration in reciprocity is manifested. Together we review the Agreement established between the two congregations and the statutes of the María de Nazaré Foundation. The roles and responsibilities were decided, the price, the schedule and the possibilities of uniform were agreed.
As part of the preparation for the shared mission, the sisters of Nazareth and the sisters and teachers of the 3 communities of the Slaves of the Eucharist participated in the Early Stimulation Course on Monday, February 3.


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