Meeting of religious "At Sunset"

On March 26, a new online meeting of the group “At sunset” took place. Fr. José María Fernández Martos sj offered us a synthesis of his extensive experience, illuminated by texts of Scripture, and authors of universal spiritual and poetic literature.

He invites us to preserve the ingredients to live this time of life:

  • keep curious, so as not to age more quickly. As much as we have lived, there is still much to discover and learn.
  • Cultivate friendship: it is important to preserve and cultivate our relationships. "A faithful friend is a talisman." Find us among the others.
  • Train creativity: Don't get cornered in the routine. Reading, writing, photographing or walking along the river banks... Offering help and doing different services.
  • Vitality: Even if your strength and fatigue decrease, do not give up. Cultivate spaces of silence and reflection. Sharing the joys that spring from the depths and all the wealth accumulated over the years. Take care of health.
  • Cultivate generativity and affectivity: Help others grow. Witness our fidelity, patience and gratuitousness. "Let's love all the time." Sow everything with love. The love we sometimes have for ourselves is subtracted from the love we owe to others. 
  • Reconcile truth and humility: Tell the truth with love and give our humble contribution to the world. We are not anonymous to the heart of God. Know how to forgive. Humility to accept. "Humility is the truth."
  • Save your honesty and integrity: not just fulfill years, but truly fulfilled. Give full meaning to past life by giving thanks. Whoever has a meaning to live also has a meaning to die.
  • The best is yet to come: If I have hope I overcome the sad waits. Let's write a hopeful culture. "Let us give reason for our hope." From an infirmary the world is saved. Hope spreads from a heart that believes.
  • Naivety: Death is an ingredient of everything that gave me life. I am already eternal life because we are sown in Christ, God. Death is also a vocation, a call.

With great joy we confirm the shared experience that living our charism is an encouraging experience, a fountain of youth. The richness of the years, in the light of the Word of God, encourages us to look forward to the future, prepares us to approach people's needs with a compassionate heart and strengthens our hope, with the conviction that the best is yet to come. to arrive We know that on our way home the Lord keeps calling us and comes to meet us.

"Come, Lord Jesus!" (Rev 22,20)


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