May 13, 2021. We celebrate World Catholic Education Day

Within this joyous time of Easter, when the academic year in some countries begins to show its end, with all that it carries with it, and in others it is in full swing, I want to share this news with everyone. The proposal of the different international Catholic teaching organizations to designate a day in the calendar to celebrate as World Catholic Teaching Day is good news, which responds to the initiative and request of Pope Francis, in his interest in the Global Educational Pact.
It is good to underline the importance of education as a way of personal growth and to make it clear that the adjective "catholic" that accompanies it reminds that the Gospel responds to all human aspirations.
This year it is celebrated on May 13, and it is not by chance that it has been chosen to celebrate it forty days after Easter, that is, on the liturgical feast of the Ascension, because it is the day on which the mission of Jesus the Master began. to be the mission of his Church. "Go and make disciples ..." (Mt. 28)
Beautiful festival that this year also coincides with the celebration of the Virgin of Fatima. Maria was an excellent educator.
Although for those of us who dedicate ourselves to education, every day is our day, it is good that it sounds at the international level, a day in which, together as many of us believe it, we express the conviction of this beautiful act of hope that education is.
A good celebration that confirms the relevance of our charism.

A hug

M. Montserrat Del Pozo



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