Jesús de Nazaret Comprehensive Training Center

At the end of the 19th century, between the years 1889 and 1898, Fr. Manyanet in Barcelona dreamed of extending his educational work in favor of families and promoted three social works that confirm his prophetic response to the circumstances of his time. Today Nazareth continues to make the dream and the projection of the work of its founder come true and is told by one of the people who, together with the religious community, make it possible:

“The Jesus de Nazaret Comprehensive Training Center, located in the Chinita neighborhood in Punto Fijo. Falcón-Venezuela, has developed tireless work for more than 20 years, with a charisma full of life and hope for a people that requires training and prosperity. From the beginning we are presented with the qualities and customs of a family that leaves a mark on the hearts of those who approach it, and allow themselves to be transformed, in this way Jesus, Mary and Joseph are the pillar and base where we all build our own lifetime.
The Centro de Capacitación Integral Jesús de Nazaret, is a trainer of knowledge and a house of study dedicated to the preparation of young people and adults in the labor field for a low-income population, thereby generating a decent and beneficial job for those who are already learning. turn for those who teach, since it is a transformative process imbued with family spirit, emotions and knowledge.

Currently, the center is developing three training programs for the well-being of the community, such as the Venezuelan Association of Catholic Schools AVEC, with totally free courses, The National Institute of Educational and Socialist Training INCES, with courses for companies that are obliged to train apprenticeships and, finally, some private courses certified by the center depending on the labor need and the requirements of the times.
For the support and maintenance of the center's facilities, we work in community with all our apprentices and staff. The care of the spaces and the way to stay in them are one of the values that are lived and transmitted to all who arrive. Dedication, commitment, sense of belonging, gratitude and conscience are keys that make the work sustainable.
In the AVEC and INCES programs, a population of young people and adults between 15 and 40 years of age, or more, is served in each program and they offer, among other courses, training in: welding in construction, basic electricity, industrial maintenance mechanics , rotating equipment mechanic, maintenance mechanic, hotel maintenance mechanic, diesel engine mechanic, refrigeration mechanic, woodworking, refrigeration, sales and customer service, administration, administrative assistant, salesperson, purchasing clerk, general supermarket operator, preparation and service of food in fast food establishment, accounting secretariat, bakery and confectionery, cutting and sewing, hairdressing, and crafts, training aimed at preparing our most needy community to enter the labor market. It is a contribution that the community constantly appreciates. In addition to this, the CCI Jesús de Nazaret generates private courses for people who wish to specialize in trades related to those developed in the center by the other two programs, with more advanced techniques, where our instructors attend in a personalized way to those who want the course.
The CCI Jesús de Nazaret is an opportunity for professional, human and Christian formation for the most vulnerable population, making Father Manyanet's dream come true when he told his sons and daughters: “… the institute intends to have houses, according to what faculties are allowed, in which, find all those who do not want or cannot follow a literary career, trades proportionate to the gender and inclination of each one, with which, and under religious, paternal and preventive vigilance, they can form true workers, educated in a good sense and, consequently, more useful to society and profitable to themselves ”. Today we can say with pride and gratitude that this inspiration of Saint Joseph Manyanet has found a channel in our century and in fact shows reality, since what is received at the center allows the apprentices to enter into a personal formation, where each member of the community is known. Holy Family of Nazareth, and you learn the love that should exist between siblings and of course the faith and hope that, although sometimes fractured, allows you to heal and move on. There is no reflection that they do not take advantage of within the walls of the center, many of our young people and adults who appropriate them and put them into practice to make their family a true home.
But everything does not end here. Every Saturday the training center offers human and spiritual care to the children of the community where it is located. Children and young people receive personal formation at the hands of those who, from the sensitivity and commitment to their own faith, support with their social work (LAY) those most in need, recognizing in them their value and dignity. Approximately between 80 and 130 children are cared for, who benefit from food for the soul and for the body, which is obtained from the solidarity of families, religious communities or companies that support the training center. This day of every Saturday exalts and gives the right touch of love made commitment and availability. It is an activity that allows us to strip ourselves of our concerns to attend to the other in a simple, simple but very significant way because it can transform the lives of many of them for the good of the whole society.
We are very grateful for the presence of the religious community that lives among us and inspires the entire life of the center: M. Nhur Luque, M. Dina Borges, M. Gema Sánchez and M. Marina Aragua, are the home of Nazareth in which the same God receives us every day, making us feel like children and brothers in this area of the periphery so in need of faith, justice and dignity ”.

Merglis Lopez
General Coordinator of the CCI Jesús de Nazaret


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