Sagrada Familia in Güímar (Spain)

In Tenerife, with the permanent view of the sea that speaks to them of immensity, of God's greatness and that also in some way brings those who are far closer together, the Sagrada Familia de Güímar community, which longs for the joyful bustle of the students in the schoolyard, accompany these days especially with […]

Sagrada Familia in Copacabana (Colombia)

The Copacabana community in Antioquia, still almost new to its home, is currently experiencing its missionary being in tune with all the needs of the world, in a welcoming natural environment, with the joy of knowing and feeling like a community, with members still very active, and with the responsibility of recognizing itself as a "beacon" of prayer for so many [...]

Sagrada Familia in La Laguna Palmira (Venezuela)

Very experts in knowing how to handle difficult situations due to their being missionaries and for living in Venezuela, the large community of Palmira lives the gravity of the current moment with its accepted limitations, from the usual routines, offering the known and new difficulties, intensifying the help between all and with the serene trust in Providence […]